Copra AS distributes COMPACT in Norway

Buildup of grease in the ventilation systems of commercial kitchen ducting imposes significant fire risks and requires frequent cleaning. The resulting bad smell can also represent a real problem for restaurants in residential areas.

INFUSER has recently developed a package-solution for kitchen exhausts. This solution both removes grease in the ventilation duct and reduces or eliminates odour. The system is based on injecting the right amount of ozone (O3), a highly effective cleaning agent, into the ventilation duct using INFUSER’s specially designed compact ozone generators and monitoring technologies. The ozone gas spreads evenly in the whole duct network, even to areas that are normally hard to reach through normal cleaning. INFUSER offers a high-per-forming system that is compact, easy to install and operate and needing only minimal maintenance. The system does not require expensive consumables that need frequent replacement.


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